The concept of Student Wealth was born by the need identified by a group of parents for the betterment of their kids and the wanting of both financial success and independence in this both challenging and competitive world.Research has continuously proven that all students, given the necessary resources will allow them to realise their potential and identify their strengths.

Student Wealth was developed to assist students struggling with their studies. Both the Study Guides and the Website allow any student or parent to log in and follow the step by step lesson plans to understand the syllabus at hand. Access to Teacher Assist and Online Support provides assistance where needed to both the parents and students.

We have complied with the guidance of the Department of Education (“DoE”) and all our lessons plans, study guides and syllabi is regulated by the DoE, however the style in which we have written our study material and step by step lessons plans differs from the norm.

At Student Wealth we have a young and dynamic team of teachers from various backgrounds, cultures and languages. These teachers have combined their skills, talents and different personalities to make learning fun and interactive.

We have an enthusiastic team of graphic designers who specialise in the education sector and have made the learning experience both fun and entertaining. Through the use of engaging artwork we have developed easy to read study material aimed at bettering the understanding of the learner.

The Student Wealth team is constantly evolving and improving the study material and distribution model through its program of continuous development. Our IT team and teacher response teams are available via email, telephone and online chat and partner with the student through their learning experience.